Inside my mind

Inside my mind

Hey Guys,
I call myself Okada and i am 26 years old. I am an artist from Stuttgart, Germany doing modern artwork, closely connected to fashion and streetwear culture. Graffiti is something that fascinated from a young age, and the mostly dirty and rebellish nature made me use alot of its elements in my own artwork.
Popculture inspired all of us in some kind of way, so in my case it is also a big thing going into my artwork. I get inspired by music, streetart, other artists and mostly by feelings.

Art helped me to work on psychological problems, gain mental health and survive tough times in my life.

I hope some of you can get anything out of my art, even if its just a positive outlook on life itself, that you can beat tough times, because you are alot tougher than you might think you are!

Thank you and enjoy :)

Designer Disney