Huthmacher I.

Huthmacher I.

Hello everyone, my Acrylic Landscape paintings is dedicated for the seniors who are living in senior homes. Seniors who were trapped to four corners of reality until the end of their life have few chances to feel the spinning nature of their surroundings outside. THIS IS FOR THEM!!!

My landscape paintings can take you back to some strong memories about nature without being personally involved on my painting scenery. It is called psychological stimulation. And my main concern is to establish small ways to help our seniors to make their remaining time bearable.

My point is, if we look what is mostly involved through length of our life… in everyone lives…. when comes to old age, one big factor has already attached huge in our memory screening visibly beautiful back and forth is THE NATURE.

Nature is easily spoken, easily remembered, easily compared and widely visible on a different wall within the reach of every old folks living in senior homes. Also, applicable to busy folks who has few time to expose themselves to nature. Different scenery every day is one aspect of refreshing memory from time to time. Big format allows a better visibility of the scenery and night canvas changing will make the morning view fresh. Fire protection printings provide safety for the residents.

My Landscape Paintings are not free as open as to be said as pure landscape. It were painted for you to put yourself in imagination. Have a sit, relax, close your eyes and feel the difference.

The concept of my acrylic abstract impressionism is to influence the moment and being practice every day so the effect will be absorb to form a kind of self-confidence that knock once personality. I promise my abstract impressionism will be the jukebox of psychological therapy TRY IT!!!! To normal people who lived up and downs in life and dare to take many first steps from their own many falls... needed, a concrete glimpse of help until they can stand again.
If you are afraid to look eye to eye, try to watch one of my abstract paintings for few minutes and then go outside to feel the difference.

I painted few Paintings before but never keep it. This is my first batch of paintings painted in a simple carton ready for print on demand.

There were imperfectioness to my paintings due to the carton quality BUT, it is NOT the quality of the material I WANT TO SHARE, it is the QUALITY HOW THE PAINTING CAN TOUCH YOU FOR A MOMENT, changing your daily life routine in a momentarily peace.

My Arts is sealed with my sigature and left and right thumbmarks at the back of the canvas.

Have a wonderful moment watching my Paintings. ENJOY!!!

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