Jérôme Plutino

Jérôme Plutino


Hello everyone,

My story started a few years ago now,
Follower of explosive colors, I first started with acrylic paint, until 2016 when my eye was attracted by this technique, little known "stained glass" I was immediately seduced to be able, to create innovate , let your imagination take over while being transported by these colors which are sometimes difficult to manage, sometimes tenacious but nothing is too beautiful than being able to make multiple mixtures by associating white (acrylic) and having a final rendering also imaginary, mysterious which attracts your eyes without being able to move them or even turn your gaze.
2018 I tried this painting on glasses, which earned me a little recognition, in Belgium.
Currently I use two techniques, stained glass painting that some people know, at the end of 2019 I associated this with abstract painting and in 2020 I would have a 3rd technique 3D (3-dimensional drawing with a size of 22 cm high)
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