Ruth Tick Originals

Ruth Tick Originals

I have been drawing and painting ever since I can remember. As a teenager, I remember being frustrated because my teachers couldn't teach me all that I wanted to learn. In college, Flagler College, and then the Florida School of Arts, I finally learned classical drawing methods taught by some of the best instructors ever. I continued on my own, at intervals and when available, I participate in life drawing classes. I worked as a portrait artist at Epcot Center, drawing quick sketch portraits in pastels and painting portraits of park guests in watercolors. I even learned how to cut silhouettes, and delighted in telling the children that I had magic scissors. The traditional silhouette method is to cut a profile likeness of your subject without any preliminary drawing. The silhouette takes about 1 - 2 minutes to complete. Later on, I worked as an instructor for two years at a private school in Daytona Beach, FL. I taught children and adults about color theory, composition, and basic drawing techniques. And for a time, I showed in local shows and festivals. While living in Daytona Beach, I also owned and operated my own art gallery, showing my work along side the works of local artists.

In college, I never took any painting classes, I insisted in working only in black and white until I was satisfied with my drawing abilities. While living in the Daytona Beach area I took one watercolor class at the Casements in Ormond Beach. I was hooked. It was the first and last painting course I have ever taken. I was immediately in love with watercolors, the way the paints mix, the colors, the surprises.

Last year, I woke up one morning and was astonished to discover that I could barely see out of my left eye. After several months and a couple of rounds of medication, my eye only improved slightly. I became increasingly concerned about going completely blind. At that moment, I began drawing and painting more regularly. I am grateful to experience an era of prolific artistic expression and creativity.

On top of painting or drawing almost everyday, I am also going to vision therapy. My eye has improved dramatically in the past six months. I have high hopes of totally regaining my vision.
My eye is improving now