Hoogerwerf Art

Hoogerwerf Art


Hi. Dear reader I am Peter Hoogerwerf, and will first introduce myself.

Born in 1956 in the harbour town of Rotterdam, I spent my childhood in the industrious and lively west part of the Netherlands. In the vibrant and cosmopolitan Amsterdam I completed my Art studies at the internationally renowned Rijksacademy. For a long time I afterwards lived and worked in the same city, having my studio there in a former Heineken building close to the Rijksmuseum. In later years I moved back to my childhood surroundings.

From start I specialized in realistic bronze sculptures of men and animals. Life in all it's mysterious beauty is a constant source of inspiration to me. Over the years my work increasingly has found a place in international private collections.

Hope you will enjoy my work and thank you for taking interest.

Best regards

Peter (www.hoogerwerf-art.com)