Hong Ppink

Hong Ppink


The first art found on the walls of ancient caves (painting, sculpture, ...). So we can guess that the painting is the way of the art first. Drawing is the most straightforward way of art, because it gives us the most complete impression and vivid.
Art has a great influence on our hearts, emotions, values ​​form our moral. Art created our prospects and enrich the inner world of ours. Art reflects a lot of the development and evolution of a people and of humanity.

Art makes us think about the meaning of life, how to live, what is the ideal beauty, what is love, eternal questions. Art helps us understand who lived hundreds of years ago and learn the history of mankind. Art created the concept of beauty and harmony. Art helps people to understand the outside world and each other.

Artistic development of the good qualities and we have a great educational significance. Art brings people - make them more humane. The language of art is universal. Everyone, regardless of age, occupation, nationality, understand what is said of the artist. Art for everyone a possibility to express yourself and become famous. Art is great if it is linked to the life and interests of the people and ideals. If not, it will not be understood and acknowledged.+(extract: internet)+
=> When someone asks me , I like art? Yes,yes,Yes. I LOVE IT !!!
I often draw pictures related to food and drink, animals, natural scenery, ......

My Art 1

Tree , Flowers , Fruit