Taizo Hiraga


From my infancy,I was attracted to art,especially European paintings of '800 and'900.But my study wasn't focused on art.I really had to hold it in my heart until I could find my way of expressing myself. In fact,I am a graduate in nuclear engineering.While studying one period,there came a irresistible desire to paint,paint something figurative which should content me. Although I had painted some posters using acrylic,it didn't satisfy me.I found out that the technique which I was looking for was oil painting.I began studying Michelangelo's affresco,even though I had only poor stamps of Sistine Chappel.In that period I was interested also in works of Ingres and Raffaello. After graduating,I began to work in a project of making a nuclear recycling plant,but always painting and trying to find my own colours.One can imagine that painting after work till late night and going to work early in the morning won't make a good employee.
I visited Italy for several times,and I was astonished by the quantity and of course,the quality of Italian art.So,in my heart one dream was growing,to move to Italy and paint.Well,it's easy to say,but it took me quite a long to put it in action.
I parted from Japan,to a country which is so dissimilar to my own.
First,I had no clue of anything in regard to life in Italy.I visited some cities,and found a school of restoration in Salerno,a city of a Campania region,famous for Amalfi Coast.It was good experience to learn restoration,because I could have direct contact with antique paintings and sculptures,and I could understand antique method,for example,preparing a canvas or a wood panel.It really gave me an idea of a true technique of painting which I was looking for. After finishing this course,I began to work in a field of restoration.You can't always restore paintings but I figured that the contacts with the objects are so important.In fact,my thought which arrived to me gradually, is that there should be an art based on,not only expression but also on craftsmanship,and I am fully convinced of that.It would be too much if I'd say that there should be another renaissance era,but I want to make things that are capable of resisting through time.
Thanks to Italy,my life has changed and so as my painting.The blue sky here inspires me.I think it's important how you feel because everything comes out as art.

My research continues and the wonder of art is inexhaustible.