Silverflame star

Silverflame star

I’m hearing impaired and god gifted artist. I was born in Cincinnati, Ohio in July 25th,1966 but now live in Columbus, Ohio with my lovely wife, Gina. I loved doing into creativity by heart. I like it a lot when I felt or seen in a way that catches my eyes and my mind. Most of the time I wanted to enhance it to the best for my own taste. Like I always thought that if I love it, other will love it too. But sometime I found it difficult to win their interest.

As a young boy, I never went to an art school to be an artist because my family have a different view. But I was gifted as an artist since I was a child. I draw cars, houses, air planes, mountains, and I did architecture in my family home basement alone. I love music too. I have to cut a guitar out of an old rotten wood and added shoe strings to play it because my parents couldn’t afford it. But now, I do have my real one. Thank a lot, Spirit. Other thing I learned by watching other completed their drawing. Sometime I may want to better than their drawing base on my self esteem. My father taught me how to build an incubator for a lot of chicks so that the only thing I learned from my dad. Enough said.

I have an unique exploration to create my own. Yes, it take time when my feeling are good that I’m able to do more. I willing to work on meeting new friends who are into art so that I could learned more of my interest drive. My dedication is to live a new life since I have a heart failure a year ago. I’m seeking for my heart happiness to do positive using my art world.

Silverflame is my art studio name that I came up with because It had a hidden flame within me. I hope you would like my studio and enjoy the gift the god had create in my interest in my mind. I do appreciated before you even want to know more about me. I’m planning on foreseeing the future that we may meet when I can touch the star of my dreams.

Thank you all.

Anthony Hill

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