Hillel Glueck

Hillel Glueck


Hillel Glueck (b. 1979), was born and raised in Brooklyn NY, USA. He currently resides and works in Israel. A self-taught artist in various of fields including the field of visual art, he says the following about his “ENIGMATic interIOR” artworks:

My task as an artist is to ‘smooth things out and bring harmony and peace’. What inspires me most is ‘(Classical) music!’ — I am deeply devoted to music composition, and employ musical structures in my visual art — expressing music by means of visual art.

My artworks, like my musical works, are in an ‘active’ mode — they call out to the viewer in a manner of "Projecting wisdom via wall hanging designs". Wisdom is infinite and is about ‘unity’, proving through the power of wisdom how to bring extreme diversities closely to each other, and in what a profound way they interact one with the other. Thus my focus throughout my artworks is on uniting non-beauty with beauty; masculinity with femininity; heart with mind — bringing worlds together, bringing people of various different backgrounds together. Hence, these artworks serve as a source of aspiration, as of inspiration, for the viewer.

Thus another important aspect to my designs, is about ‘people’; about me being a person who is deeply interested in other people, a humanist and a humanitarian whose designs are always focused on the human condition; generally, my approach is architectural if often abstract — yet, however abstract my designs may be, they are always focused and based on the human figure — declaring through those designs my wish for a more perfect world, a world of harmony and peace. This makes it possible to understand my ‘asymmetric’ approach to my designs — like the form of a human indeed.

However abstract, dramatic and asymmetric my designs may be, they are always well balanced and conform to the basic geometric shapes. ‘Shapes’ are the main thing I specialize in, and this is why I am very drawn to architecture and to designing typefaces — coming into prominence as a ‘type designer’ in 2013.

My artworks integrate a number of modern artistic styles, in compositions based on logical principles. Actually, I am a combination of the traditional and nontraditional, thus combining in my artworks the best of old and new.

Each project of this Enigmatic interior series is ‘programmatic’ by nature (as to the kind of ‘program music’ that is being composed of purely musical materials, subjected nonetheless to metaphorical interpretations), a preliminary to a meditation; each project creates a particular atmosphere, establishes an emotional setting and then fades out, after paying close attention to the central drawing itself by isolating it from all its surroundings. Some are noble and some are sentimental, none of them being perceived as indifferent.

A sufficient artwork by me must be accessible, yet ‘enigmatic’ nonetheless. What this Enigmatic Interior line of artworks have in common, is indeed the mature and wiser I as a visual artist, which came along after obtaining lots of experience about life in general. The sophistication of my earlier artworks gives way in this Enigmatic Interior series to a clearer kind of illustration, which crystallizes the harmony and sharpens the profile of the quoted central drawing; cutting down on the degree of difficulty in my recent works, in favor of a clearer kind of drawing where “less is more!”

My dream has always been to become an architect, which in a sense has come true through this comprehensive {mixed media digital artworks, innovative stylistic expression focusing on the human condition} Enigmatic Interior series. I consider each and all of them as great achievements of mine on the subject of ‘interior architecture’.

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