Hillel Glueck

Hillel Glueck


Hillel Glueck (b. 1979), was born and raised in Brooklyn NY, USA. He currently resides and works in Israel. A self-taught artist in various of fields including the field of visual art, he says the following about his “ENIGMATic interIOR” artworks:

I am an artist in various of fields including the field of visual art, my dream has always been to become an ‘architect’, which in a sense has come true through this comprehensive {mixed media digital artworks, innovative stylistic expression focusing on the human condition} Enigmatic Interior series, I consider each and all of these artworks as great achievements of mine on the subject of ‘interior architecture’, serving as a source of aspiration, as of inspiration, for the viewer.

My focus throughout my enigmatic designs is on uniting—non-beauty with beauty, masculinity with femininity, heart with mind—bringing worlds together, bringing people of various different backgrounds together, thus, my designs are about ‘people’, me being a person who is deeply interested in other people—a humanist and a humanitarian, whose designs are always focused on the human condition; generally, my approach is architectural if often abstract, yet, however abstract my designs may be, they are always focused and based on the human figure — declaring through these designs my wish for a more perfect world, a world of harmony and peace; this makes it possible to understand my ‘asymmetric’ approach to my designs — like the form of a human indeed.

However abstract, dramatic and asymmetric my designs may be — being conform to the basic geometric shapes is nonetheless the one thing they all have in common; contemplating and articulating on ‘Shapes’ is the main thing I specialize in, and this is why I am very drawn to architecture and to designing typefaces — as of now coming into prominence as an official ‘type designer’.

I’ll complete this segment here on the following note: My task as an artist is to ‘smooth things out and bring harmony and peace’. What inspires me most is ‘[Classical] music!’ — I am deeply devoted to music composition, and employ musical structures in my visual art — expressing music by means of visual art.

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