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Siegfried Herlitz is kind of an old-school Scout. A native of Western Patagonia; he grew up in those distant lands with his three siblings —all Vikings—, living from nature and adventure in the great forests and lakes of the end of the world.

The son of a Great Pioneer of the Baker Basin —a sort of "explorer" title— and descendant of former German settlers who have kept their history and traditions intact to this day, Siegfried showed a special fascination for astronomy and geography from a very early age, being a member of a legendary clan of amateur astronomers from Patagonia.

Through that institution —directed by authentic mentors whose memoirs keep his heart with great affection— he participated actively in an astronomical radio program, and represented his region at a national level in various scientific and sports events; all during his adolescence.

Later, he studied Graphic Design at the Universidad Mayor in Chile, specializing in web development and consulting. During higher education, he trained in different mountain and snowboard groups, experienced a bit with surfing and some years of Japanese martial arts.

He currently lives in the region of Araucanía (Chile), whose mountain range nature inspires him to seek new adventures in the large and lush forests that populate the region. He likes to explore in the company of his cousins and brothers: a clan of great lovers of European history, as well as Germanic and Arthurian legends.

Siegfried Herlitz is a Viking raised at the end of the world, who without losing his healthy pride in his origin and traditions, lived side by side with the pioneering spirit that characterizes the inhabitants of the last frontier of America.

He likes archery, fighting and knowledge in the use of the sword. Also likes to write fantasy and science fiction tales, and some stories for children that he occasionally publishes in the media with different pseudonyms.

He usually uses his middle name because after his father, his greatest hero is Siegfried: the dragon hunter. However he does not hunt dragons, but he does ride them: he is the dragon's rider.

Of course, not everything is medieval in his life: he loves ATARI games and solves Rubik's cube in 50 seconds. He's an 80s kid... an 80s Viking living in the 21st century. Siegfried considers himself a "Citizen of the Earth" and loves Humanity as a whole.

You can visit his Story Website at: CuentosClasicos.org

Where he also publishes one or another lost traditional tale that the world has forgotten, so you will also find stories by old authors.

— Hej! Jag är Siegfried Herlitz: Draken Ryttare 😃

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