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Lou Foster is an Master of Crystology, Reiki Master/Teacher, Animal Totem Seer, Dream Walker, Spiritual Investigator, and Artist learned in the healing arts of herbs, crystals, meditation, and shamanism. She uses these skills to augment her energy workings to assist others. In her Energy-working practice Lou incorporates 40+ years of studying and working with herbs and hands-on healing, 7 years crystal work, and 7 years as a Shaman practitioner.

Lou was born in Ohio, eldest of two children. She learned a good bit about garden herbs and their healing qualities during summer visits with her foster grandmother. The most memorable was placing a few stems of lavender very near her mother calming her mother’s nervous tension. Lou enjoyed picking up and bringing home crystals, rocks, and seashells from her travels; be it from school, vacation with family, or visiting friends. Each rock and shell had a reason to come home with her. Each had a specific feel or look about it that enticed her imagination and daydreams.

Lou put her talents to work starting her business, Herb Fancy, in July of 2002, creating teas, salves, and soaps. Though the business is ever evolving, Lou maintains high standards using only organic or wildcrafted herbs and essential oils in her herbal creations.

Lou is particularly sensitive to and familiar with the beneficial energetic vibrations given off by the crystals. Introducing them into one’s energy field can help to repair energetic imbalances within the ethereal body. Crystal jewelry is now offered in her line of products.

Lou weaves the energy of herbs and/or crystals into all her artwork - from soaps to jewelry creating a healing vibration unique to each artistic piece.

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