Scott hendrie

Scott hendrie

Scott Hendrie,
Skull Artist


We are delighted to introduce Scott Hendrie. In this, his collection AISEIRIGH, Scott displays an original vision and concept, working with the skulls, antlers and horns of fallen beasts. His clever and adroit use of various techniques, and his careful and thoughtful observation of shape and structure, brings a resurrection, a nobility, to the pathos of the naked structure of the bare bones of these original works of nature.

Born in Scotland in 1973, Scott’s first, enduring, passion is music, a talent he still enjoys in its various forms. A classically trained pianist, his finely tuned ear is matched by the sensitivity and acuity of his vision. Much travelled, and a careful observer – of people, animals, cultures and the vagaries of life – in his exhibition AISEIRIGH, Scott has created an entirely original art form, a celebration of the beauty, power and presence of the beast.