Hemu Aggarwal's Gallery

Hemu Aggarwal's Gallery


Contemporary Art by Hemu Aggarwal

Hemu Aggarwal’s work captivates the viewer with its visual beauty, harmony, vibrant colors, intense depth, and fluidity of motion. Her work intrigues, tells stories and creates mood, all at once.

Hemu was born in India, earned her MFA in graphic design in New York and worked for over 40 years, including running her firm in graphic design. Her portfolio includes album covers for several significant pops and Hip-Hop artists such as The Beatles, Tom Jones, Mantovani, Quincy Jones, John Lennon, and Yoko Ono, Ritchie Valance, Aretha Franklin and rap artists including Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five, Sugarhill Gang, Positive Force, Crash Crew. She now resides in Petaluma.

Artist’s statement: "It’s hard to explain why I paint or what inspires me. I have a thousand ideas in my head, and I am constantly experimenting with different subjects, styles, and techniques. There is so much more out there in the world that I long to explore. Sometimes I surprise myself when I can convert my imagination into two-dimensional art. My passion is in creating various textures and then painting with Acrylic colors over the rough surfaces or experimenting with various tools and filters in digital technique. My style includes contemporary realism and abstract expressionism."

Many of the works have been displayed in major international exhibitions and art competitions including:

2019 - Two paintings exhibited at the Occidental Center or the Arts,
Occidental, Ca
2018 - One painting exhibited at the Sebastopol Center for the Arts
2018 - Juried exhibition at the Occidental Center or the Arts, Occidental, Ca
Two artworks were selected. One got sold. (fall of 2018)
2018 - Juried exhibition at Occidental Center or the Arts, Occidental, Ca.
One artwork was selected and used for promotion of the exhibition- (spring of 2018)
2017 – Juried exhibition at Occidental Center or the Arts, Occidental, Ca
Two artworks accepted, both sold.
2016 – Solo Exhibition in Costambar, Puerto Plata, the Dominican Republic
2016 – 3-Artist exhibition in Puerto Plata
2016 – REAF juried exhibition, Rochester N.Y.
2016 – Certificate of Distinction in Abstract Art Competition
2015 – The winner of 2nd prize in international competition themed ‘COLOR’ by
Contemporary Art Gallery Online (CAGO)
2015 – Participant in The Exposure Award exhibition at The Louvre Museum in
2007 – Hall of Fame event held at The Waldorf Astoria New York (photograph
taken by her was used as stage backdrop)

For more information, just Google: Hemu Aggarwal
https://fineartamerica.com/profiles/hemu-aggarwal.html https://www.facebook.com/HemuTheArtist/

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