Helms Art Creations

Helms Art Creations


Ever wonder what monsters do when they aren’t being shown terrorizing us humans? I did, and realized, they are probably a lot like us, with similar needs and wants. My artwork is an exploration of monsters taking part in activities generally very different from their typical representation, expressing their humanness.

I have always been interested in fantasy art and spent much time doodling and sketching during my youth. Then life happened and work took precedence for many years. Fortunately, nothing stays the same forever and I found myself with the opportunity to reconnect to my art. This reconnection has fueled a strong desire to create work that inspires and excites me. And as a great added benefit, people’s response to my artwork has been very positive, ranging from those who appreciate the skill used to create the image to those who truly enjoy the subject matter. I sincerely hope people enjoy the images, regardless of the reason, and, maybe, take some time to think about those who have often been vilified in a fundamentally different way.

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