Helen Joy

Helen Joy


They say "You teach best that which you most need to learn"

For some reason "Balance’ was a word I used to hear in my head as a young girl.

The visions didn't happen very often but I recall this one day stepping up onto a tram in Adelaide, I think I was about 12. As I stepped up on to the tram, my soul stepped up onto a grand stage, readying itself to talk about ‘Balance’.

Of course I didn't understand what had just happened to me only that it felt exciting and truely wonderful.

By the time I reached my destination on the tram, I could only reconciled in my mind, “I don’t understand what this means right now but I know one day I will". And I let it go.

That day has finally arrived!

Balance is the key and even for Helen Joy, this can be a challenge. Everything in life, in balance. In total harmony.

Is it achievable?
What would life be like if more of us were in balance?

Imagine if everyone lived in balance!

Not only with themselves but with each other and with the whole universe.

"I don't know if we could ever see a whole world in balance" but Helen Joy believe's the more people who strive for balance, the more chance we will have of finding it.

Being an Artist for me is keeping my life in Balance & encouraging as many people I can to do the same.

I would love my art to hang on your walls. If you have ever thought you would like more balance in your life maybe I will teach you how. www.rightbraingenius.com.au

You can buy prints of my work by clicking on the image of interest. You will then have the option to purchase as a stretched canvas or framed.

There are heaps of frames and matt styles to choose from.

Thank you and much love❤️❤️❤️

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