Hector Lacroix

Hector Lacroix


Hector is a French artist based in London. He began painting at the age of 7 and has since then honed his artistic sensibility daily through a variety of media, progressively refining his creative process into an act of instinctual self-expression that transcends the boundaries of consciousness.

With a distinctive iridescent palette, he creates non-figurative artworks at the crossroads of expressionism and abstract, brimming with unspoken symbols and peculiar characters. The engrossing pull that his grotesque frescos exert on the observer can be traced to the subject of his paintings themselves, often depicting the perfidious yet relatable snags of our modern existence-isolation, immigration, anxiety-that have shaped his life and the life of so many.

Hector’s work draws on eclectic influences ranging from surrealism to modern art. His favorite artists includes Peter Doig, Frank Stella, Zao Wou-Ki, Frederic Edwin Church, Jean-Leon Jerome, Edward Hopper and Michael Armitage.