Créations Célin'Art

Créations Célin'Art

Céline Bastien is an artist from the Montreal area whose two main interests are photography and painting.

Her interest in photography began as a child, when she received a Brownie camera as a Christmas present. Even at an early age, her creative side manifested itself as she began shooting the woodland scenery around her and staging photo shoots with her younger siblings as subjects. After a few years, this pastime went dormant and re-emerged many years later with the coming of the digital age. Seeing what she could do with a simple point and shoot camera gave her the desire to see what she could achieve with a better camera. She took the leap and bought a DSLR camera in 2015 and has been capturing scenes from her surroundings and from vacation trips ever since. Her favorite subjects include all things pertaining to nature, especially flowers.

Her second passion, acrylic painting, has emerged fairly recently, although it too had its roots in her childhood, during which time she enjoyed drawing and colouring. After having taken a few community-offered watercolor courses several years ago, she decided in 2017 to return to painting, this time trying her hand at acrylics. Two years later, she continues to indulge in this pastime, which she now pursues more intentionally.