Heather Craft Fine Art


I build my work from observation and a desire to illustrate the human condition in portraiture and figurative painting. Silence speaks loudest in the slight turn of the head, a fleeting glance, a rounded back, slumping shoulders. I've explored different styles and different ways to use color, and being an artist has allowed me to develop many different voices. Using black and white and limited color palettes (whether those palettes are muted or bold) has become the most powerful way I have to speak in my paintings. I love the variations of tone and intensity that I can achieve with simple black paint, and although I'm not a photographer, my love of black and white photography is an inspiration to paint portraits and small, minimalist drawings the way that I do. I also love bold swathes of color and abstracted forms and designs. It is so important to me that I not ignore inspiration or ideas that don't exactly "fit" with my current work. Creativity pulls me in many different directions, and whether I am painting the human figure or a still life, I want to see, and I want the viewer to see those subjects in a different way.