Heather Anne Pope

Heather Anne Pope


My name is Heather Anne, and I am an artist living and working in Northern California. I am a painter of all things; fine art, objects, even miniatures and ceramics. While my primary passion is painting, I like to work with any material that allows me to express my creativity and love for color. Painting, Textiles, Jewelry Making and Costume design have all become part of my practice, and I am happy to share the results with you!

I find that I work best when I allow myself to create what is on my mind. I have a strong desire to make work that reflects both my experiences, and my fantasy life.

In addition to making my thoughts into visible reality, I enjoy making YOUR thoughts a reality, and like taking on commission work. I believe collaboration with others allows me to keep my skills sharp, and open me up to a myriad of ideas. Sometimes the idea is brilliant, but the implementation must be done by a helping hand! Let me implement your ideas for you!

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