Heatherae Photography

Heatherae Photography


Hello! My name is Heather I am a fine art photographer from the greater New York City area. I love creating memories for families and also documenting your life's milestone. I've always had a passion for nature & travel photography. The last few years I have traveled to several countries in Africa to help volunteer at wildlife reserves and also tour the regions. My subjects include everything from wildlife to weddings to red carpet events! This is not only my profession but my hobby. When I am not doing professional sessions with clients I am still out there shooting whatever I can! It's important to me to 'get out there' and shoot as much as possible. I believe there is always something new to learn. Besides photography, I enjoy spending time experiencing new things and planning adventures. I believe traveling is powerful and key to understanding other cultures. I am hoping my photography will inspire others to not only travel, but help take care of our beautiful world.


African Animals