Art by Heathr Mari

Heather enjoys many different mediums, from charcoal to face paint. She has worked with linocut prints, acrylic paint, watercolors, colored pencils, chalk pastels, conte, oil pastels, photography,cut paper, and pen. Her new favorite medium is henna, which she gets to use for her summer job. Her subject matter often focuses on family, nature, and her study abroad. Heather took 2 years of art classes in college, and is currently a free-lance artist, along with going to graduate school full-time.

Artist Statement:

Art isn't just a job for me, it's a part of my life without which I don't think I could function. I love when I complete a piece, and see things that I didn't originally intend that make it more beautiful. My outlook on art is that the mistakes are often God's way of showing us it could be better. Being able to make people's days better through art is one of the joys in life.