Painting with story

Painting with story


Painter and author with Japanese-German background

For the screenplay “Snow White-complex‘‘ I received a scholarship for the “Luaga&Losna international Theater-Festival for the young generation“ in Austria.

In August 2019 I was chosen the winner of the announcement „Im Bann der Seelendämmerung“ for the short story version of ,,Snow White-complex‘‘. This has been published under ISBN: 978-3-7497-7135-6

In October 2019 I passed with my poems `The trust’ the 5th round of the Bubenreuther Literature competition. Those poems have been published under ISBN: 978-3-7497-7135-6 .

Concerning my painting I began at a time in my life where I was longing for a profound change to pay attention to the motif of butterfly. I got to know: The butterfly is regarded the symbol of transformation. They experience 4 phases of change until they transform from a larva to the beautiful butterfly. That is why the butterfly has an unbelievable inner strength for me.
Every year more than 700 new sorts of butterflies are born and fascinate the viewer through its variety. So I began to express important ideas like `Respect’ `Freedom’ `Hope’ `Gratitude’ through the symbol of butterfly.

By the police presidency in Germany I was chosen the artist who can exhibit the oil-paintings and photographs between July-August 2019.

In December 2019 my activity as painter and 3 poems I wrote about my paintings has been presented in the anthology `Barmherzig’ (published by Anima incognita Kulturverein).

In summer 2020 my novel `Thank you life, thank you death’ will be published with my oilpaintings as cover picture by the publisher United p.c.