Hassiba KESSACI is a fashion illustrator based in France. Her illustrations are handmade monoprints using black and color ink with an expressive minimalist and delicate line in tension with a full color language, sometimes saturated.

We can say her illustrations are not only close to fashion catwalks (She enjoys it otherwise ) but can evolve in a vaster context and inspiration fields like cinema, drama, editorial, publishing, music. They are telling a narrative which have sense or nonsense and have to do with the inevitable incomprehensible real. This is not incompatible with the fashion world where garments express an attitude, an emotion, a philosophy, complex codes from the real.

Hassiba KESSACI is passionate by fashion because her purpose is people ,sometimes needed by their absence: anonymous people, actors, models or icons, most often in an urban environment.

Hassiba KESSACI is a selfeducated illustrator but she completed her skills with a training in a French online artschool added to a training in fashion illustration at the London College of Fashion .

An added collection called " Red ballon " is an intimate collection talking about childhood, melancholy, threat and poetry.


Red balloon