Haruka Tomotaka

Haruka Tomotaka


I was born and raised in Fukui, Japan. My interest in art began in early childhood. By the age of 7, I started to draw and thinking about becoming a painter one day. After I graduated my high school(2017), I decided to go to Berlin to study art in Europe. I spent 1 year in Berlin for preparing portfolio. Since 2018 I attended the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna at the Daniel Richter class. Currently I live and based in Vienna since 2018.

Artist Statement
I am fascinated by American pop art, Japanese anime culture. My paintings reflect what I think and feel in Europe. I am always influenced by different people, culture, life style and so on. And I am trying to create something nobody has seen or heard before through my experiences of living in Europe and Japan.

Thank you for your interest in my pictures,
Haruka Tomotaka

To contact me send an email to: batmanwain@gmail.com