I specialize in creating jewelry that brings together the harmonizing power of healing crystals and the beauty of silver and gold metallic embroidery thread.

My craft combines two special gifts I've been given: helping people reach their potential and making beautiful braided macrame. I put a lot of time and patience into each creation and only use the best materials available to me because I want my objects to carry the joy that I feel in making them to the people who wear them and help them feel good and precious in every way.

I also have another goal, which is to create objects that last a lifetime so that people can enjoy their healing power and beauty forever and even pass them from generation to generation! To achieve this, I only use very strong, tarnish-resistant materials and never create thread ends - no cutting, no melting, no danger of the braid ever coming undone!

I do special orders - if none of my listings reflects your preferred combination of healing crystals and materials, drop me an email and I will be more than happy to create one just for you!