harmony island || by cugaj

harmony island || by cugaj


Aloha wonderful people! Welcome to my island! Jiggity pow-pow!
My name is Janet Cugaj (Žaneta Čugaj in lithuanian), I'm 18 years old and as I mentioned - from Lithuania- little but majestic spot on map. There are nothing more important (except family) than creativity and humans' possibilities. One time I said to my brother "I'm going to make you proud of myself, because we already proud of you". I'm hard child in my family and I'm working on myself to make everything peaceful.
I found my calm in yoga and meditation. Changed my diet into vegan. And now I feel more positive and energetic than I used to be.
I have a small business called "Rêverland"- dreamcathers and accessories online-shop.
Started Filming & Editing.
My blog is on the way!

Some of my friends call me "Positivity", some "Fairytale", some "Soya". There are different stories behind all the names. But let's talk about "Positivity"!

I was growing up as a dancer and this lifestyle let me understand what passion is. The feeling when you're a little bit above heaven, when you're flying with your eyes opened just to fell in love again with infinity of Masters' artwork.

I never thought that art can be a part of me. I hated art classes at school. But after all experiences I ever had I became a person I hated to see in those weird humans. But I'm that weirdo NOW and I LOVE my personality I'm still working on. I finally can respect myself. Everything changes after one step out of the box.
One day I tried to paint... And now the box is me and the paintings I create is something from the bottom of my feelings I ignored. The colours I use is to remove that black moments in my life. And there is more and more people that finds themselves in my art. You are my motivation.

I'm INSPIRED by music which literally plays my life. I'm INSPIRED by nature, where I found how small we are and how giant is World. I'm INSPIRED by feelings I see in people eyes. I'm INSPIRED by words, moves, smell, sound, water and sun...

I have never thought that I'm better than someone else. My friend asked me: "what is the thing that you can't do?!" I just WANT everything, that's why I'm taking a gap year to study my skills. Because I'm not perfect. And imperfection is my passion that drives me forward.

I believe that we came to this world with a mission and to reach the level higher than the Earth we have to spend our time in harmony with love and things we are passionated about, with people and FOR people, for everything alive on the Earth. And I'm spreading the LOVE. I'm spreading it with a help of my artworks.

Aaaand... I LOVE OCEAN. It's my church. That's why my albums called "waves".
There is no words enough to describe myself. It's kinda hard, especially when here is no questions asked. But you can ask me anything! You can take my love.
I hope for support. There is nothing more important for person that supporting him. And I support all of you!

Ok that's enough.. You're tired of reading this. HAVE A GOOD DAY!

P.S. check this out and follow! cugaj.tumblr.com

Abstract wave

Watercolours wave