Gregory Patrick Lafferty

Gregory Patrick Lafferty

Hello and thank you for taking the time to view my gallery of Photographic Art. { My personal website is }

I am a longtime resident of the vibrant and multifaceted city of Chicago (Illinois, USA). Its many moods and seasons provide constant solace and inspiration for me, whether it be creatively as a photographer and writer or professionally as an electrical engineer. My youth was spent growing up with America's space program in Cocoa Beach, Florida where my father played an integral role in placing a few booted footprints on our moon's surface.

Myself, I look to da Vinci who spent his life trying to fully realize the potential in both of the brain's hemispheres, a philosophy which I happily pursue. I try to achieve a blending of technology and expansiveness in my imagery. The result is what I call, "Digital Free-form Art". It is provided with the hope that you also will find inspiration and relaxation - so grab a cool drink, put on some music, and please enjoy!

Be Well.

Gregory P. Lafferty

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