Hanan Abdel

Hanan Abdel


Hello, I'm Hanan Abdel on DeviantART.com
And my name is Hanan Abdelerrhaman I'm a Palestinian that was born and raised from NYC/Brooklyn since 1983

The first time anyone noticed I was a good artist was at the age of 5 I get inspired from music trance & Dubstep music mostly and I love to use Photoshop CS3/CS5 for my art "Fantasy/portraits mostly"

I love drawing beautiful models more. I used oil pastels which always made what ever I drew come to life I used to collect pencils any one I can find...haha

Then in 2008 when I got a laptop I got Photoshop
and then stopped drawing/painting and moved to art in digital mode
which looks better I believe.

Want to know a secret?
My art is based on my mood
or something I recently watched.