Cooking with Crayons

Cooking with Crayons

“Happiness to me is sharing delicious food with family and friends.
Therefore, I naturally express my interest and affection for food in my painting. “

Cooking with my heart for someone and the joy of eating together gives me the biggest happiness because my fondest memories have always been eating my mom’s cooking ever since I was young. We would always enjoy each other’s company and share fun stories with friends and family while enjoying the food that my mom made. The smile on people’s faces and especially on my mom’s face is one of the happiest memories of my life. I realized since I was young how creating and making delicious food could bring smiles and happiness to those around me. So, I feel happy and it is an important part of my loving relationships with friends, acquaintances and family to have conversations at a dinner I made for them. I also learned a lot and receive advice from acquaintances. My family makes me feel comfortable and warm. So I wanted to incorporate my fond memories of food into my work.

Enjoying food with friends and family is one of my favorite things to do. Cooking not only makes me happy but make me remember the happy times in my youth when my mom would make many delicious meals for us and have even found a way to incorporate my love of foods into my work.

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