Victor Hamel is an Indonesian painter based in the United States. He is a Pastor and Theologian.
Hamel’s paintings are characterized by philosophy and theological based. Most of his inspiration come from issues of philosophy and theological perspective. He expressed the issues of philosophy and theology by his abstract paintings.
Hamel mainly uses acrylic for its dynamism and expressive possibilities and also express by spirit who moving his heart and mind. He just follows the moving of his hands and chose the color by feeling of heart.
For Hamel every color has a spirit and a way of reflecting life in its wide spectrum of situations. He shows us his inner world and philosophy of life in an uncomplicated visual language.





Nephes Hayah

The White Building

The Chaos Dancing

Banality of Evil (3)

Banality of Evil (2)

Part of the Cities


People of Color

Ruth and Harvest

Albert Einstein House

Toba Lake-North Sumatra-Indonesia

Gettysburg 1863


Psalm 139

Christ in the World-2014

Niniveh and vine tree (1)

Cunningham Falls Park

Waterfront Harbour

Isaijah 5:1-7

Clump of Bamboo

Tidal Basin

DC on Sketch

Rainbow in DC