Haley Russell Fine Art

Haley Russell Fine Art


By day I'm an account manager at a large healthcare IT company. As exciting as that sounds, I'd love to eventually quit my day job and paint full time. Boss, if you're reading this, I'm totally joking. ;)

But seriously, I'm a self-taught artist and have been drawing since I could first hold a crayon. I started painting about 10 years ago and have mostly given my pieces away as gifts to greedy friends and family. I hear over and over again "Haley, you need to sell your art--you'll make a fortune!" (That's hard to do when said greedy friends and family keep asking for freebies, amIright?!.) So here I am, ready to start selling.

What inspires me? Everything! I'm drawn to beautiful and stunning visuals: sunsets, photographs, store-front vignettes, other artists' pieces, a tree in perfect sunlight, morning fog, EVERYTHING. I'm constantly inspired to create art from the beauty around me.

Most everything listed here is available for prints. I'm also available for pet portraits, wedding canvases (for guests to sign in lieu of a guestbook), or other commissioned pieces.

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Black and White


Wedding (Guests sign canvas)