Hailey Elise

Hailey Elise


Hello, thank you for visiting my portfolio. My name is Hailey Borges. I graduated from the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth with a Bachelor's in Psychology. Looking back I should have gone for the fine arts as I am much more interested in it.
I have always been into anything artsy since I was young but enjoy sculpting and painting overall. I recently have gotten more into painting as I have yet to find a sculpting medium that is more durable than what i used to use.
My works consist of acrylic paints, but I would like to start getting into oil and water color. I also just saw some coffee paintings which I am now intrigued to try.
If I am not given a subject to draw by a friend or relative, my pieces usually lean towards either abstract finger paintings and the female figure.
All in all, I am very excited to share my art with you!
Thank you!


Female Figure


Paint Night Originals