Haider Al Qassam

Haider Al Qassam


Hayder kadhim mousa known as Haider al Qassam , an Iraqi artist was born and raised in Sharjah , United Arab Emirates in the 24th of April 1983 .
Haider loved music and art since he was a kid in school , so he decided to study art in sharjah art institute and that was not enough for him , after he graduated from the institute in 2003 , he started teaching himself by reading and doing art projects and studies to find his own path .
Like most artists , the beginning was academic , after that he made studies and projects about different art schools same as realism , impressionism , expressionism , and abstract . in 2005 he found his own path in surrealism and fantastic art , so he had read many books about surrealism art and books about dreams and psychology , especially for Sigmund Freud and Karl yang .
Most of his figures are women , his main symbol of beauty as he said : ( I couldn’t find more beautiful than a woman to draw ) .
Al Qassam has participated in more than 30 exhibitions and six solos in United Arab Emirates , Sharjah , Dubai and Abu Dhabi , also in Iraq , and united kingdom , London . he held many workshops in U.A.E , and a member of three art societies . he has won numerous awards and certificates of appreciation .




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