Harold John

Harold John


There is something absolutely extraordinary, about the blending of the morning fog, mist, and forming dew, with the newly awaken fragrance from a garden of blooming Roses. In the quiet of the still dozy dawn, the perfume is ousted from the ovaries of the pistil, and stolen by the chilled morning breeze, they are carried across the bicycle path on that first early morning bike-ride.

The heist is repeated daily, subtle but deliberately weaving its way into the core of my senses, I was taken in by this balm of floral excellence. I stopped, got off my bike and went in search of the delicious aroma. I found not the blended concoction of delight, but a garden in full glorious bloom of many different Roses.

I am not only interested in and I do not only find and see the beauty of the flourishing flowers, but also they are unassuming, unselfish, free-spirited, tolerant and generous, they are nonjudgmental as they share there all, there joy and gladness with anyone who would stop and take the time to notice, appreciate and enjoy.

As if instructed by the bouquet of rosiness and the thorn in my finger, my eyes closed as I positioned my head upwards in my effort to stop the itching of my finger, there in the fulness of a vision, I started taking pictures.

For me it seemed without reason, yet daily as long as they were in bloom I took pictures. Until as instructed to start working on the pictures, but clueless as to exactly how I am supposed to accomplish that, until November 23rd awaken from my sleep and a voice telling me to go to my computer and start.

I started and what was impossible for over fifteen months became easy, possible and do able.

My name is Harold John I reside in Canada and I am delighted to be granted the opportunity to showcase my Art Pieces.

I make my duty and responsibility to practice love and loving daily, hence the reason I title every Art Piece with the word love in it. In doing so, I think of, meditate on, mention and repeat the word love at least seven times each day.

I have chosen the method of Digital Photo Manipulation to create the images, my Art Pieces.

I photograph the flowers then I remove the backgrounds and surrounding areas and just make use of the petals.

(95%) of the Art Pieces originates from Rose blossoms, I do not enhance the Pieces, they are kept in there natural color.

I have participated in many Art shows, Art in the Park, Canada Day Celebration Art show and Art walk.

As member of the Kamloops Art Council.

I have from each blossom the amount of between 50-200 different patterns and styles, so an entire building can be decorated with a similar yet showing marked differences with each image.

Method used to achieve this end is Digital Photo Manipulation.

The Art Pieces are all for sale Print-On-Demand.

Email: h_johni22@hotmail.com

Cell: 1 778-257-3627

Website www.haroldjohn.ca

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