Harold' s Digital Art Anthem

Harold' s Digital Art Anthem


My name is Harold John I was born on the island of Grenada in the West- Indies I immigrated to Canada many years ago I am 6' 4" in height.

The Art Pieces are all for sale, some are wall framed, and custom framed and are priced and ready to be shipped and Print-On-Demand.

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Harold's Digital Art Anthem

For purchase, information and inquiries, please call or email

Email: h_johni22@hotmail.com

Cell: 1 778-257-3627

I love music and I play the guitar, bass, harmonica, I write and I sing. I do not put as much effort and I should have in these art forms though.

Photography, on the other hand, took up most of my time and energy. I take photos mostly of flowers, rose flowers that is and I manipulate them into art items.

I have chosen the method of Digital Photo Manipulation to create the images, and Art Pieces.

I photograph the flowers then I remove the backgrounds and just make use of the petals.

(95%) of the Art, Pieces originates from Rose blossoms, the transformation I do not enhance or force.

The manipulation brings about the outstanding rare and unique designs, vibrant colors, textures, odd shapes, and pattern that are on display in my Art Gallery.

There is every color imaginable on the color scale from gold to brass to red, green, and purple, whatever is your desire and need this gallery can accommodate.

These art items that fallows are the results and outcome of the manipulation.

My name is Harold John I reside in Canada and I am delighted to be granted the opportunity and platform to showcase my Art Items.

I make my duty and responsibility to practice love and loving daily, hence the reason I title almost every Art Piece with the word love included in it.

I am a member of the Kamloops Art Council.

I have participated in many Art shows, Art in the Park, Canada Day Celebration Art show and Art walk.

The Art Pieces are all for sale, some are wall framed, custom framed and Print-On-Demand.

Email: h_johni22@hotmail.com

Cell: 1 778-257-3627

Golden N Creamy

The Snow caps

Creamy jewels

Purple Gol

Still red

Smooth silver

Plants Stars

Lips red

The beige

Golden Diam

The Oval Yellow plus

The fall out

The Mixers All Ovals

More Red N Purple

pink and Gold


two of

Go diamond

The Odds

The bliss

mixed up Reds plus

Red Rough

Red red

Kiss red


Glint Red

Speck Grey

Gold Red

The Robbed

The Brown

The glare

The ceramic

Light Yellow

The Eye

The Oranges

An purple

Purple Specks

The Pink

Speckled G

Small specks

Sun on snow

Snowy B

Snowy A

Speck Snow

Snowy Pink

Felon !

Green Brassy

The Felons

The Felon



So Rotten

Too Rotten

Rotten As


Most Villainous

Ah Villains



The Villain

The Waspish




Purple Gold Diamond

Purple Diamond Gold


With Flowers

You mix them up

Oval Flowers


Two Flowers


Partners for framed

Silver Pink lit green

Green Pup

Green B

Jade brass mahogany


Custom Frames

Wall Frames


Red Purple Gold

Sparkled two reds

Too red

Beige yellow

Blue rose







26 X 20



Ruby crystals

Brown beige

Pup N Green

Orange bubbles

Yellow strong

Beige N Green

Green Brass

Red Gold Snow

Brown beige glossy

Brass Green, beige

Red cream sparkles

Red and Rose Gold

Ancient Golden Walls

Yellow gold

Gold N Diamond