Lorena Malm

Lorena Malm


An introduction, of myself, Lorena Malm.
I am a self taught artist with a passion for many kinds of art.
My love of art came to me, at the tender age of nine years young, in the form of a paint by number set, gifted to me, for my birthday, by my parents. I felt a kind of peacefulness and a pure joy when painting, along with the frustrating challenge to stay within the lines. A great sense of accomplishment came over me once I saw the finished painting hanging, in Great Grandma's ornate, gold gilded, frame.
Over time, I developed a preference for creating abstract art. The frustration and challenge to stay within the boundaries is no longer present for me.
When, first, I started creating abstract, I used pencil, pen, and ink. Then, I moved on to watercolor. Today, I am able to create with these things, as well as with oil paint, and pastel chalk. However, I prefer to create digitally.
Digital composition is challenging, exciting, energizing, and better affords me to "think" creatively, and to tap into my emotions more readily.
I have been asked where my ideas come from. Well, they come from life experiences, lasting memories, and stored emotions.
My objective, to stimulate the viewer of my art, that they too will feel emotion. And, perhaps, my art will provoke thoughts, held deep inside, to surface for conversation.
I had been struggling with what to call my kind of art, when I discovered, the term Outsider Art, fit like a glove.


Space Art & Orbs

Digital Abstract