Gwen Sauer

Gwen Sauer lives in Colorado with her small family. She paints as a way to focus, or not focus, to express, or to hide. Her obsession is color. Her love is her family and the people around her. She has a Danish sense of humor, meaning she will sometimes laugh at Murphy and his tricks much to the chagrin of others. She finds joy and sadness in the play of the lives of those around her, knowing that in the end that those whom she surrounds herself with is who she is. She loves to hear about other's adventures. So, don't hold anything back.

Paint Sketches: This art is done in 1 to 2 sittings, usually as practice or experimenting with ideas. This is posted for friends and family to view. Not recommended for any large object - probably good for coffee mugs. I like coffee.

Paint Sketches