Guss Mallmann

Guss Mallmann

Born in 1983, Guss Mallmann is a Brazilian-born award-winning creative. He has settled in Sydney, Australia after receiving a Distinguished Talent Permanent Visa for his achievements in the Arts industry. He first started painting at UFRGS Arts School by the age of 6, later migrating to film and music production.

His works in video include several-music videos, TVCs short-films, documentaries, as director and cinematographer, which have been broadcasted worldwide by channels such as ESPN, MTV and ABC.

Guss is a multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter of Brazilian indie band Rendezvous, but he is most recently known for being lead-guitarist of Australian pop group Celebrity Drug Disasters.

Currently, Guss works as Creative Producer for the american technology company Digital Turbine, producing content for new medias, especially mobile.

Saatchi Online is the opportunity to check some of the paintings created by this multi-skilled artist who has been exploring Art since his very early days, totalling over 24 years of experience.

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