When I found out about my hidden talent, I was eight years old. One time, during a math lesson in elementary school, I opened my notebook and vigorously started painting different figures with faces. Soon I cov-ered the pages with hundreds of faces….

Shortly, my paintings gained conceptual insights. For example, one of my earlier works expressed an eye with multiple arrows on it. The eye symbolized my childish perception of the world, while arrows - various views and approaches. The tear symbolized the painful process of my mindset’s formation, with plenty of ideologies, traditions, and stereo-types, affecting it.

I stopped painting at sixteen. However, the world of color never left my mind. Then colors converted into words and I began writing poems. Two major features of my art - concept and color – were key features in my poems as well.

The first such poem was “The Nameless Thought”. When a person thinks, it’s always about a particular subject, and it always has a name or focus. So, the connotation of the nameless thought seemed to be con-tradictory, but it is beyond a usual thought. This is a state of mind that is conscious of wholeness, unconditional happiness, and satisfaction. The thoughts produced by such mind do not have a particular focus or name. The poem says that we all were the whole. The powerful force divided us to create the whole in the particle. The nameless thought is a portal opening access to creative energy and paving way to wholeness.

“When the nameless thought usually comes to the mind, positioned in the narrow pool of imagination, it seems as if the turquoise waves touch silver collar of consciousness,” reads the poem.

Another poem integrating color and idea is “Strawberry”. Here I am de-scribing a mirror-table placed in a balcony at a cloudless weather. The strawberries on the table depict the conscious mind while their reflec-tions – the sub-conscious counterpart. Meanwhile, the poem tries to paint extraordinary naturmort.

The mirror-table reflects RED fruits with WHITE flakes. The reflected strawberries are not the same RED and flakes - the same white. Looking at the surface of the table you see as if RED strawberries are placed deeper in the BLUE sky, with WHITE clouds and flakes glittering around it.

Back then, I remember seeing lots of different paintings in multiple variations before falling asleep. That was “colores’ vendetta” pushing me back to the expression of my higher consciousness.

It was a nice, warm, spring evening of 2011 when suddenly, the desire of painting overwhelmed me, and I was not able to handle this feeling. I desperately wanted to paint, but it was late in the evening and all stores were closed for me to go and get any painting supplies.

I began calling my friends in hopes of getting something to paint with, but nobody had anything. When I lost all hope, my aunt told me that she had packed and saved some old painting supplies for me in my parent’s house; and offered to find me the package.

If anyone asks me whether I have ever been happy, I would definitely say that at that moment I was the happiest person in the universe. We opened the package with caution and found all the supplies were safe and secure.

I was convinced once more that mystery is the biggest reality in my universe and the nameless thought is my portal enabling observing, not only different virtual pictures, but also insights of being and non-being.

Although I am a self-taught artist and I have never studied painting techniques, the “world of color” has always existed in my mind and it has become more and more important and real than anything else.

Watching variations of color, space, and shapes brings exceptional ecstasy.

I want to put those virtual paintings on a canvas and make them powerful manifestations of creative energy.