GullPhoto Art

GullPhoto Art

I believe that art is a statement of one’s own creativity.

I trained as a Mechanical Draftsman and have been an electrical designer for my entire career. I started my interest in photography through my profession. I was required to take photographs for bridge inspection reports I was required to write. About four years ago while waiting in an airport, while traveling for my employer, I found a Photography magazine with an article on how to improve your pictures. After reading the article and several more I became interested in photography and digital painting and embarked on an intensive self study of both subjects.

My main interests are Landscape, Architectural, Fine Art, and Nature photography. I would like to branch out into portrait photography someday.

In order to make my digital art I use Corel’s Paint Shop Pro PhotoX8 and Painter 10.
I first do any minor editing or enhancing in Paint Shop Pro. I then make a copy of the image and bring it into Painter, where the real fun begins. Painter allows me to be myself or emulate a famous style like Claude Monte.

The Chicago Bridge Movable Bridge series is my first attempt into digital photo art. I am quite pleased with the results and will be doing more in the future.

Presently I am experimenting with fine art photography. I have several projects I want to pursue which includes doing some photographic works and digital photo art of flowers in a Georgia O’Keefe style.

Chicago Bridges