Gary Syrba

Gary Syrba

I first started with photography at age 10 when I would carry my dad's twin-lens reflex camera around the house and yard and love looking through the viewfinder on top of the camera. My dad bought me a roll of film and showed me the basics, and a love of photography was born.

I have now been taking photos for over five decades. I am a hobbyists, but have done professional work as well over the years. My photos have been displayed on many business web sites, in visitors guide magazines, on billboards, and are hanging in many businesses and other places.

In 2005 I was a little tired and needed a change. I decided to try my hand at infrared photography. It opened a whole new world to me... photographing light that the human eye cannot see. The light is difficult to read, and quite different than visible light. It is challenging, which is why I love it.

Living in Michigan beauty surrounds us with the Great Lakes (miles of sandy beaches, lighthouses, and many secret spots the locals know), so naturally I love to shoot landscapes. I also love to photograph old cars, architecture, and my favorite... nighttime photography.

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