Gary's Gallery

Gary's Gallery

This all started as part of a 100-day doodle challenge and after some encouragement and feedback from my social media network, I decided to offer the ability to purchase the images I drew in my Moleskin notebook.

And then I was encouraged to make my abstract acrylic paintings available as prints.

I'm a full-time, marketing & advertising professional who has dabbled in art my entire life.

It started with art classes as a child, a calligraphy business when I was 13 and then preparing an art/design portfolio for college. Whether through fear or doubt, I opted for an MBA and career involved in delivering creative business solutions (Marketing & Advertising) while I shelved my drawing & painting interest as a hobby.

Now almost 30 years later, I'm regularly painting (arcylic) & drawing abstract art and have decided to make select images of my artwork available for purchase.

I'd welcome your feedback and you can reach me via:
email: GSchechner [at] gmail [dot] com
Instagram: @gschechner

Thanks for visiting my virtual gallery!

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