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Chechen origin, American born who grew up in the Middle East. After the Gulf war,

Emadove traveled with his family to Ichkeria to live in the forefather lands of Chechnya.

Soon after, the first Chechen war began and thus he was sent to the United States at

the age of 13 to reside and to complete his education. While living in Chicago years,

Emadove visited New York City for the first time and arrived in the morning of

September 11 – 2001. After witnessing the events; Emadove became an activist and

devoted his life and works to promote unity and fight injustices throughout his work

and Art expression. His Art style combines influences from Dadaism, Surrealism, and his

own imagination with a unique timing, and humor with calligraphy touches. He finds his

style to be multicultural in its approach to the audience . Emadove holds a degree from

Northern Illinois University.