Born in 1961 in Birmingham, England, Richard followed a technical career path with a BSc in Mechanical Engineering, a PhD in Artificial Intelligence Research and then became a Principal Technical Officer in Computing. Due to poor health, he opted for an alternative flexible lifestyle career, one of a more artistic nature, taking photographs of the natural environment. Richard has been photographing for pleasure throughout his life whilst walking with friends in the countryside of the United Kingdom. More recently he began recording his walking routes and turning them into video slideshows and informational posts to share them with like-minded people on a YouTube channel and a website. He also began taking videos and turning them into relaxation and meditation videos to share them on another YouTube channel and another website. Richard still considers himself an amateur photographer, attempting to capture his experiences of the natural environment with just a compact digital camera, his latest being a Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ60. He plans to become more professional over time and upgrade his equipment. Richard is married and still resides in Birmingham, England.


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