Gregory Sipp Mosaic Artistry

Gregory Sipp Mosaic Artistry

I have been making mosaics for over 20 years. Through glass, I am trying to express what I see and feel. When I am making a mosaic each piece of glass is chosen carefully.

Then each piece is cut and shaped with nippers then the glass is ground. Each one of my portrait mosaics takes over 70 hours of focused attention. I am continually striving to increase my knowledge and update my skills.

My focus for the last 10 years has been on jazz musicians. Jazz for me has been the rhythm of my life. The music invigorates me. The flow of the music, the creativity, the improvisation, and the various techniques that artists use inspire me .

There is a message I feel that jazz imparts, share what you’ve learned, diversity, and courage. The style and color choices I use in my mosaics reflect what I feel when I am listening to the music.

My passion for mosaics has grown every year. I have found my artistic instrument. I truly enjoy every moment I am working on a mosaic piece.