Our Vanishing West

Our Vanishing West


Gregory Peters, Painter

The American West is vanishing right before our eyes. It's a beautiful thing.
But before the countryside disappears altogether I'm going to paint as much of it as I can; country-style.

Country-style art embraces the vast land we call the American West. This is my canvas. Farms, vineyards, vintage trucks, weathered wood, rustic barns and more make the country such a special place. My artwork will bring a bit of that country style into your home. So relax, climb into my old pickup truck and take a nostalgic journey with me down a shady country lane.

Wistful and nostalgic are the traces of a bygone era. Nature always wins. An old rusting car or an abandoned barn are wonderful sculptures, but Morning Glory and the relentless march of insects define the end results. I am attracted to symbols of an earlier era that represent the process of time in transition. We move into the future and discard the past quickly, but objects, like ideas hang on as if to say, "Look! I am what you will be. I was useful once and much loved but grew old and forgotten. And yet, there are stories here. Lessons to learn, love to share. Do not weep that I am a mere shell of my former self for I am still here."

My artworks are derived from the past but speak to the future. Enjoy the beauty of that which surrounds you and cherish the time you are given. Life is terribly short, achingly sad, joyous, and silly and ultimately much too funny to be taken seriously. Enjoy my art as a mirror of some of life's profound journeys; each image a reflection to think upon.

Rustic relics from the past cannot speak for themselves, yet talk they do with images that speak to the spirit in us all. You can see more of the past in the eyes of the future at Gregorysfineart.com

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