Molecules of Emotion

Molecules of Emotion

I make quirky, collectable art which appeals to the young as well as the not so young…like myself! My art satisfies the sophisticated taste of contemporary art collectors and gives you an excellent social focus within your home. Working with me is easy and uncomplicated and I deliver the goods.
I’m a professional artist working out of Kent in the south east corner of England, after having spent many years making art before I undertook and gained a degree in fine art in 2015. I have had several public exhibitions and was shortlisted for the student awards of the University of Derby, with my work being recognised of being of a very high standard.

If you’d like to commission me to create a unique piece for you, then please consider the following points:

Do you have a budget in mind?
Is there a particular idea you’d like me to work around?
Do you have a timescale that needs working to?
There are a range of materials I can use, do you have a preference? Materials used will affect the price.
Would you like the piece for indoors or outdoors?

You will work with me to create a truly wonderful and original piece of art, which will suit its surroundings and prove a talking point for all. Because of my care and skill, every piece I make is unique and personal. During the creation, I will send you regular updates and pictures, so you can see how your artwork is progressing.

Roger Gregory’s range of skills and experience and those of his associates enables a clear co-ordination for each commission with particular emphasis on the needs of individual client, public audience and the site. In order for the smooth running of any project we adhere and fully comply with health and safety requirements and fulfil any commissioning guidelines.