I am a seventy year old sculptor from Denver. I have been making and selling things since I was fourteen. I do art to wear jewelry and progressive free form abstract sculptures in copper, silver and gold. I did not go to art school nor did I have a tutor. I learned metal working through the self directed discovery process (trial and error). Until recently, I have never done a painting. I did, however, do pen and ink drawings on canvas; when I was in my twenties. I am also an author and have recently published a book: Thoughts for Meditation--how to unleash the power of the subconscious mind to achieve success in any endeavor. I use the name Ari to represent my artistic and literary offerings. Ari is a Hebrew word that means lion.
People think that artists are supposed to suffer. Except for two bad marriages, I have had a good life and have no complaints. However due to some bad decisions, I have had my silver equipment, eighteen silver sculptures ad my jewelry collection stolen and find myself stranded in Boise Idaho. Not to worry, I have decided to come out of retirement and raise money to return to Denver and build a new studio. I will easily be able to replace the things I've had stolen. I am looking forward to another twenty plus productive years.
The Pipe Dreams were produced in the late 1980's. They're made from copper plumbing pipe from a burned out bar and restaraunt that was torched by an arsonist. The site was supposed to be a historical point of interest. I did not want to sell the Pipe Dreams, because of the intensive work involved; but due to my present predicament, I have no choice. I opened the pipes with a hammer and chisel; flattened and shaped the sculpture with a hammer and worked the edges with a pair of pliers and filed them smooth. I used to dream about the sculptures when I was in high school; and used to draw them in class instead of listening to the teacher.
As my camera equipment was stolen, I had to borrow a camera. The optics were not up to my standards and have very little depth of field and the lenses were not fast enough and I had to use a flash--which left some hot spots. It is best to view the photos about two and a half feet from the computer Needless to say, one to the first things I'm going to buy is a good quality camera.
I hope you enjoy looking at my sculptures and tell your friends about them.

Sterling Silver


Pipe Dreams

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