Greg Gillson's Art

Greg Gillson's Art

Welcome to my first art gallery--ever!

I'm very new to art, though I did some drawing at various times in my life, mostly when unemployed.

Here's how I got here...

I discovered the hobby of bird watching as a teenager in Oregon during the 1970's. I began photographing birds immediately, but not seriously until 2006, primarily for documentation purposes; the artistic merits of my photographs were of a secondary consideration until recently.

My colored pencil artwork started in December 2016 as an offshoot of nature journaling. It wasn't until January 2019 that my skills improved to the point where I felt like they were good enough to share as art.

For many years I worked in computers and electronics design, repair, and testing. But for several years now I've lived with my wife, Marlene, in northern San Diego County where we work together as property managers.

So I really am just getting started as an artist. I'll slowly be going through thousands of bird photos and adding the very best to the gallery here. And I am creating colored pencil artwork very slowly--about one per month right now.

Realistic colored pencil art

High-resolution photos